is the musings of a technology minded color vision deficient boardgamer.


Programmer by Day - By day, I wrote code.  It pays the bills.

Keeping up with the News - I do the best I can to keep up with tech news via RSS, Podcasts and more.

New Toys - I don't get to have all the shiny new products released every year, so expect some thoughts on why I own what I own.

Board Games

Player - I love to play board games. I have a few different gaming groups I go to between 3-10 times per month.  I'm on as "reldnahcire"

Color Vision Deficient - I'm going to try to write frequently about the trials and tribulations of CVD issues in the hobby.

Aspiring Designer - I recently started a board game design journal.  Hoping to have an "Unnamed Prototype" or two ready to show off in the near future.

Other Interests

Tennis - Play weekly with a coworker and enjoy watching the majors on TV.

Sports Photography - choose the type of information shown on the blog list view. 

Landscape Photography - determine the position of the articles author name when showing a blog post.


Baseball - Die hard Phillies fan. GO PHILS!

Bicycling - Training and fundraising yearly to fight the diseased that took my grandfather and the only Yankee I'll never hate, Henry Louis "Lou" Gehrig.

Beer Snob - Started logging unique beers consumed in April 2012.  Rapidly approaching 200.

Banner image to be, Photographed by Eric Handler