Colorblind Ramblings! 

Pax Prime 2013: The Beginning

As this site comes online in its new glory, complete with photographs I took, thoughts I had and more, it does so at a time of great reflection and foreshadowing.  I think Pax Prime is situated perfectly to look at the year that has been and the years that will come in both the board gaming and video game industry.  I'd like to do a long preview post about all the upcoming technology, games and 2mm thick cardboard punchboard that lies just 2 short 10hr work days away from the gaping maw that is my consumerism but I haven't really had the time to pore over the schedule and the exhibitor list to determine all that shall attempt to satiate me for, well, hours.  However, I can write down a list of questions I have been pondering about the industries mentioned above (as well as some predictions) and leave you to connect the dots.  Without Further Ado:

  1. What is the relationship between games like Council of Verona, Mascarade, Coup and Love Letter?
  2. Will the XBox One (XBone) continue to evolve from the derided console that was described in the first press conference into something that believably approaches a 3rd generation console of the modern era?
  3. Will Star Wars: X-wing Miniatures Game or Star Trek: Attack Wing captivate me? The General Public? 
  4. Will anything surprise me since I haven't prepared for this con?
  5. What will the tabletop area at Pax Prime be like compared to Pax East? 
  6. Is Patrick Rothfuss going to be amazing and awesome and everything I ever dreamed? 
  1. I think different numbers of players = different ideal game. Haven't played them all so more once that testing is complete.
  2. Nope. I think the Ballmer-less Microsoft will screw it up again. 
  3. Nope. Nope, it will remain a gamer niche title. 
  4. Yes. Hopefully, YachtClubGames!
  5. ??? 
  6. He'll likely exceed those expectation! 

Hope this post serves as a strong cornerstone to many more posts to follow on this site. Hopefully some of those will be posted from the road at PAX Prime