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Kickstarter: Fund a Better Board Game

I've been working on a few different blog posts the past few weeks but life has been getting in the way.  Fortunately I've found myself with some free time so here I am writing an introduction about how all things eventually get published and preparing to fill you in on a brand new board game coming soon having funded a few months ago on Kickstarter, Euphoria: Build A Better Dystopia

Photo Copyright 2013

Photo Copyright 2013

I am familiar with Stonemaier Games because of their earlier success with Viticulture and so when I saw that Euphoria was being funded and I could have a copy of the game a few months early, I jumped on the chance!  Click through the gallery below for some images of the Kickstarter exclusive peices and other game components.


Gameplay Thoughts:

Euphoria Dice. Image Copyright 2013 by Eric Handler

Euphoria Dice. Image Copyright 2013 by Eric Handler

I have only put Euphoria on the table once since it arrived but it was a tight game with DC area designer Ben Rosset.  He eked out a victory when I bungled the order of placing my 9th and 10th authority tokens.  It was a tight game and that's great in a two player game.  I don't like playing a two player game where I'm ahead or behind 20 minutes into 90 minute game.  I certainly think I know how I would change my strategy for future plays as some of the penalties for not being involved in the construction of markets are brutal and I'd like to avoid them a lot more now.  However, with limited workers I don't see quite how this strategy will work.  Ben and I also didn't trade, which probably makes sense in a two player game but maybe just maybe exploring the options their could have made a difference for me.  I enjoyed the gameplay, the mechanics with dice based workers are new and different and the knowledge mechanic punishing you for too many workers and/or rolling poorly is very nifty.  The dice look awesome too!  More on components in just a bit.  The game plays quick once you grasp the rules and the rule book does a good job of conveying the rules.  We did ask Jamey (via twitter) to clarify when workers were rerolled, but we would have made the right call had he not replied.

Kickstarter Exclusives née Components:

I don't think there are words that can describe how awesome the premium Kickstarter components are so I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.  However, I can't remember which things are exclusive and which aren't and I'd rather go run my hands through awesome metal gold have some component photographs.  All I have to say is the wooden stars, while much nicer than the cardboard punchboard...pale in comparison to everything else.  Gold, Brick and Rock below as well as miner meeples, morale, knowledge and commodity/resource multiplier boards.

I can't get enough of the food tokens either.  They remind of fruit snacks from my child hood and if you've ever tried to play Galaxy Trucker with me the neon green tic tacs are my favorite!

Colorblind Notes:

The custom components for the Kickstarter edition are very good due to shape and color enabling me to distinguish them from each other.  I am a little concerned about the purple dice and the black dice in low light situations but I think they'll be okay for most situations.  Don't play in the dark and you should be fine if you have moderate Red/Green issues.


Top notch production values with tight (possibly too tight?) game play in a two player game makes Euphoria an intriguing game.  I need play a few more games before I make final judgement, but hopefully this preview of the full production of the game satiates the desire that many Kickstarter backers  have to see and hear about the game before it arrives on their doorsteps.

A Note Regarding Early Delivery:

As a result of this early delivery, I am taking Euphoria to Labyrinth games in DC on October 20th and hoping to show of to local backers and interested gamers starting at 2pm.  I only have the one copy so we have limited space, but hopefully we can gather around and enjoy some gaming Bliss together.